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It lost all my files


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I've been downloading a some files for weeks. They don't have many seeds so they are very slow. THey are being saved to a portable USB HDD. The drive lost power yesterday for a few minutes and I reconnected it. Now the torrents that were on about 95% have dropped back to 7% plus some of the completed files are missing.

1. I want to try doing a "force recheck" but that option is greyed out. How can I get it to recheck when uTorrent does not know there is a problem?

2. I found some completed files That were showing as 0% in UTorrent, so I deleted the !ut file. uTorrent finally thought it should recheck this torrent and now it is back to about 80%.

I hope this makes sense. It has been great until now. If I have lost these files it has set me back months. :(

Thanks to anyone who has any suggestions!

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Oh..I should have worked out you had to stop it to do a recheck. Sorry for being such a nube i was getting in a panic over my missing files.

Well it turns out that uTorrent had just appended !ut to the end of a whole lot of the completed files and in the files tab it showed them as 0%. This made me think they were missing. When it did a recheck on each torrent it removed the !ut and corrected the 0% back to 100% in the file tab. The overall completed status on each torrent went from about 5% back up to about 90%.

One thing I noticed was ...I had set some of my completed files back to "don't download" in the file tab. When I first ran the recheck, uTorrent would not remove the !ut extension off the files. I set the download priority back to "Normal Priority" and ran the recheck again, this time it removed the !ut extension and showed the files as 100% in the files tab. In future I will leave any completed files set to "Normal Priority" to avoid this happening.

Phew....that was a scarey moment! It looks like I have all my files after all! :)

I'm not sure what the "recheck" does or how uTorrent can get confused over the % complete like this. Anyway..I'm happy I only have a couple of months of downloading left instead of about a year!

Thanks for your help :)

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>< Did you recently come back from a sabbatical?? That's a pretty hefty-looking download list if you think your connection is going to be chugging away for several MONTHS.

It's likely the SKIPPED file problem is due to your choice of using "appent !ut to incomplete files".... Even though it's not necessary and silly to do both, you may want to look at using an alternate completed directory instead of the incomplete file tag. This will allow you to see at a glance in a directory if your data is done, if you don't have balloon tooltips enabled or don't use download bars ;)

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