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Closing browser causes firewall popups + "Move completed downloads to"


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Dowloaded μTorrent yesterday evening. And I have to say that I'm very impressed.

Everything is as promised on it's home page.

But there are two "things" that I can't find an answer for myself.

Even after reading the excellent FAQ and searching the forums.

But I hope someone can shed some light on the questions I still have.

IE : v6.0.2900.2180_xpsp_sp2_rtm.040803-2158

Sygate Personal Firewall : v5.6 b2808

Antivir PersonalEdition Classic : v6.32.00.51 b1114

μTorrent : 1.3 b364

N.B. SPF : All apps have to ask for permission to access the internet.

Closing browser causes firewall popups

I click some .torrent links in IE.

DL/UL starts.

Then I decide to go do something else, and close IE.

That causes SPF to start (and keep on) throwing popups at me to give permission for in+out μTorrent connection attempts.

I have three options to stop this :

1. Open IE again. Doesn't matter what page.

2. Give μTorrent permanent access in SPF (remember my answer + YES-button).

3. Not left click any .torrent link in IE, but right click and "Save Target As..." the .torrents.

Then manually add them with File>>Add Torrent... ? (Not sure; haven't tried this one yet.)

Now for the first "thing" :

Option 2. also automatically gives IE permanent access in SPF.

Although the SPF popup clearly showed the μTorrent icon and name asking for permission.

DL/UL slows down, stops while still unanswered SPF popups.

FAQ: "Help! µTorrent is sending e-mails/accessing the web/ etc!" gives a hint to what might cause the IE dependency.

But I do not fully understand why µTorrent needs IE so badly.

My take : If it's not there, too bad. Show must go on.

But please enlighten me, because I probably misinterpret something.

"Move completed downloads to:"

While DL/UL was progressing I made room on another partition for finished files.

But I had not configured yet the "Move completed downloads to:" option in Options>>Preferences...>>Folder options.

I hoped that setting and OK-ing the option would still move completed DLs from the "Put new downloads in:",

to the "Move completed downloads to:" folder.

But ofcourse that didn't happen.

In the bottom window, "General/Save As:" :

- kept showing the "Put new downloads in:" location for all .torrents added to μTorrent prior to changing the option.

- showed the "Move completed downloads to:" location for all .torrents added to μTorrent after changing the option.

I guess that all I can do is stop μTorrent, move the files manually to the "Move completed downloads to:" location, then restart μTorrent.

The "thing" I have with this, is that I'm not sure if the manually moved files will still be used for seeding.

Will μTorrent now their new location ?

In other words, will files that were manually moved into the "Move completed downloads to:" location also be used for seeding ?

Or are files in the "Move completed downloads to:" location always used for seeding ?

A new button "Move completed downloads now" or similar could solve the problem.

(But temporarily pausing UL/DL prior to moving the files ofcourse.)

Apologies for the long post.


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µTorrent doesn't depend on any browser. Your firewall is probably just retarded. Go use Zone Alarm 6.x or something.

Move completed downloads only applies to new torrents, ditto for Put new downloads in.

µTorrent will not know if you moved anything manually, you have to specify where you moved stuff to with Right click -> Set download location

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I guess my firewall must be retarded then. Tough.

Since the recent takeover and discontinueing by Symantec, I was going to look at a new firewall anyway.

I'll check grc.com for the "... or something".

About changing file locations :

I did the stop-move-set-start procedure on the 11 files that weren't in the right location yet. It worked, but there must be a better way. I'll live with it.

Thanks for your reply and explanation.

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Thanks for the tip 1c3d0g.

But I have one problem with that.

The firewall in most consumer routers has only functionality to regulate traffic coming from the outside.

At least the last time I checked (May 2005).

I was then looking at the D-Link DGL-4100 and DGL-4300.

For traffic coming from the inside, I would still need a software firewall.

Unless things have changed.

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