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Manually adding peer has priority


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I tried to manually add a local peer, but I was unable to make it appear on the peers list for that torrent. Not sure if my global connection max or peer per torrent max was the problem. Anyway, would it be possible to let manually adding a peer take priority and drop least desirable peer (e.g. inactive)? This idea is an extension on the recent 1.8 change:

--- 2008-04-20: Version 1.8 beta (build 9704)

- Change: drop inactive peers in favor of local peers, if a connection limit is hit

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AFAIK peers are tried in the order added...


Add Peer... allows you to add a peer manually if you know the peer's IP address and port. µTorrent will attempt to connect to the newly-added peer as soon as possible.

It'll attempt as soon as it can -- when the number of simultaneous connections clears up, for example. This has been the behavior since 1.7.x.

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