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Listen Error under Vista


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Hi there,

first of all: I tried everything i could find here. I did add utorrent to the Win Firewall exceptions, i did forwarded the Port (49152-49153 which is the ports i used for years for the tracker im DLing from), the speed guide says that everything is ok.

I tried all things i could find here, only one thing wasnt even working. In one Thread, the dude said that we should go to our Modem/Router under Network - Right Click on the Router - Settings and then Add Utorrent, that was not even working for me as i get the error message: Internetgateway has not applied the changes. You have to change the Internetgatewaysettins directly via the Webinterface for the Gateway. Contact the Internetgateway distributor for more information.

following is my Win Firewall settins, maybe i messed up. The router settins, i will not post them as utorrent tells me im connectable and eversthing is working, only the listen error is annoying me.

Port opened in the firewall:

Name: BT

Portnumber: 49152

Protocol: TCP / did exactly the same for UDP and port 49153

utorrent is also added as an programm exception.

Utorrent (1.7.7) is set up exactly how it was under XP.

Can someone give me some advise?



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TCP and UDP are on the same port.. The one listed on Ctrl-G. If you get an error message in the Logger tab, are you using that for anything else? What does http://canyouseeme.org say?

Can you download http://distribution.openoffice.org/p2p/ through incoming connections ("I" flags in the peers tab, network status light goes green)?

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Why should i fix the port forwarding when, not only the tracker, but also http://canyouseeme.org tells me that the port is forwarded properly and i am connectable to the tracker? Thats what confuses me, the tracker i am signed up for, usually tells you "your connectable" or "your not connectable" but why do i have the listen error...and what is the listen error doing to my torrents/dl/ul/ratio?

And the logger Tab is completely empty (i had to restart my computer 15 minutes ago, so maybe it was not empty before)

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Changing the port worked for me..... 6112 (usually use 49152) - of course port has to be forwarded properly on router and unblocked in any firewalls....

Seems vista (im using 64bit ultimate SP1 with dynamic ip) doesnt like high ports......

Out of interest some ISP's cap P2P speeds during network heavy load times...

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Just wanted to say of all the listen error posts here, the above post worked for me, lower port numbers better.

"Seems vista (im using 64bit ultimate SP1 with dynamic ip) doesnt like high ports......"

No more red but now I have the yellow icon where it's no incoming connections... anyways, neither icon prevented me from downloading or uploading at full speed... I just want to see a green icon :)

EDIT: yellow icon turned green after quite a while...

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