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utorrent wont upload with full speed


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I'm having some major problems with uTorrent (1.7.7 and 1.8) it wont upload with full speed AT ALL!

I'm having a full duplex 10/10 mbit connection.

I'ts kinda something that happened just for a month or something. I'm downloadning with 1.3 MB/s and uploading with max 100 KB/s - Beforce I have a 1.3 MB/s - 1.3 MB/s.

I've just chance my router to D-Link Rangebooster N 650 DIR-635 and after that the problems come. I've try'it to use the cabel, but the problem is still there.


In that link i'm been following all steps, and also get some new tricks and google. NOTHING work.

I hope some guys would help me. Just quote in this topic if you wont me to try to change something, or missing some information.

(On speedtest.net i get a 16000 kb/sec on both)


The kindest regards.


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HJT's should just be posted to the forum :/. Anyway, I see cFosSpeed, it's my understanding that it LIMITS your speed. Did you try without that? Also, D-Link? Not the most inspiring router.

Additionally, Nero Scout can cause access denied problems.

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I'm sorry. Do my HJT looks fine?

cfosspeed is a program which gain speed? (Yes i have try without) I also try without D-Link.

I dont have Nero Scout

Things i've have done so far:

patching TCPIP.sys

net.max_halfopen 4

The green thing in uTorrent is shining

I have Danish Fiber Broadband (Syd Energi)

I'm running on cabel on the modem.

I'm running a torrent file which i KNOW there is some action going on

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You can't expect wireless to perform as well as wired. Does it perform the same speeds wired? What happens when you try downloading http://distribution.openoffice.org/p2p/ while uploading on ONLY ONE torrent at your max current set limit? If the download is impinged it signifies some hard "cap" on your upload.. perhaps you have been shaped? If you lower the upload limit in half does the download stay at its current level or does it increase?

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The wired connection is almost the same. In fact the wireless is a bit faster. I'm right now downloading with 400 kb/sec on that file, and under 100 kb/sec on upload. I'ts nothing with my download to do, i'm having a full download ALL the time (1.2 MB sec says utorrent, and cFospeed says 1.4 MB - and thats good)

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