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Sharing files with remote URL?


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I am a uTorrent user for a long time as a peer, however now I would like create and release my own torrents. I have some questions, I browsed the faq, the beginners's guide, etc. but some things are not clear yet.

I would like to share content that is hosted not here on my local computer, but uploaded to my hosted website. When I create the "Add new torrent" all I notice is to "Add file" or "Add directory" but can not see to "Add URL" or similar.

Is it possible to release a torrent with files hosted on any external web-server? Of course I know, the *.torrent file is a different thing, I am talking only about the files to be shared here.



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You need to have local access to the files to share them, i.e. they need to be on one of the locally mapped drives. Yes the computer needs to be running. How long depends if 1) you use super/initial-seeder mode and 2) how much of a nice seeder you want to be.

When you connect to the peers you see "availability"... it includes all peers + you, so you start out @ 1.0. When you've uploaded to a ratio of 1.0, you SHOULD see availability ~ 2.0, unless some peer disconnected. In a perfect world of course this would be exact, but I think with initial seed (right click, properties on the torrent) enabled some people have completed a copy of the torrent uploaded with only 5-10% overhead.

Edit: Indeed, hermanm is correct, once you make the file/folder's torrent, you can add either the full path to or the base root of the path for the torrent data to some globally-routable internet address and that will function as a permanent peer (as long as the URL doesn't change).

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If I am uploading the torrent to one of the torrent sites, then why does the shared file need to be on my pc? Isn't there some way to upload the torrent to btjunkie with the movie file being on some remote server? Please?

Edit: just realized that "seed url" might do it. Let me try that one.


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