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Issue that increases speed.


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This is rather strange, when im downloading 1 files the speeds rarely go above 150 kbps but when downloading 2they hit over 600 kbps, now this may not sound strange but I have taken a screen shot and will try to explain what is so strange.

The second file that i start never downloads over 12kbps due to seeders, but the first file download rate increases from 150 kbps to 555kbps everytime i start the second download.

I really dont understand this and it isnt a mistake, i have tried it several times and the screenshot hows this on 4 occasions.

Please tell me how to upload this screenshot for you to look at.

This may help you solve the many MANY speed issues of what could potentially be a decent peice of software.



Hey, I did it, now you can see the proof.

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Weird. Maybe you should set your bt.connect_speed to 100 or more... :/

Edit: Hofshi, I assumed that if his upload slots were too low (for one torrent), when he started a second torrent more upload slots would be available (since BitTorrent rewards people who upload a lot with great download speed). But apparently this is not the case... P

/me scratches head... :|

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sorry im not in uk and dont know about bt connect thing. but surely the proof is here, i have tried it many times since and get the same issue, and whenever i want to increase my speed i use a 2nd torrent.

This seems crazy, i was using bitspirit previously which used to download at over 1mb per sec but would freeze my internet every so often, i moved to utorrent which has so much potential but have reduced my speeds when im using the same settings.

If i can give you any further info on this issue to help utorrent then ask away because i want this to work well.

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