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Info on individual file ratios ? /multi-gb torrents /multfile torrents


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post to utorrent - any way to determine in multifile torrents which file(s) are being uploaded more than others?

I sometimes have , for example, a 20gb torrent of which there might be 50 files within it.

Some of those files are more popular than others. And I need to, occasionally,

delete some of the files I've dl to make room for other files for dl.

Is there any way to determine which files in that whole 20gb torrent are most popular?


The ratio gives me the amount of data I've uploaded compared to dloaded for the

entire torrent and that is a bit helpful. It would be really helpful if I knew that one file in

particular was not being downloaded at all. This way I could delete that one file without

jepardizing the upload demand to other users while still allowing myself to have

maximum usage of my hard drive space.

Is there any way to guess or otherwise decide how many bits of data are going out

per file within a torrent?



PS : There is a small bit of reporting on each file. In the % download section for the

file there is a way to determine if people have that file available to seed to you.

If you are getting some files in a torrent but not others then the other files are either

not available or they're not being made available. Read why this might be helpful to

the person with a lot of time on their hands.

So in a left handed way this could be , for an aware user, one way to figure which files

might be more important to the general population. That is when a file of equal size

is downloaded faster than another file it's possibly, more likely that more seeders

have that file and are sharing it.

This sets its value higher in the minds of the collectors of that file. If they didn't care

about it they wouldn't have it or maybe not seed it.. for example if it sucked or was

defective. (I don't seed files that are defective)

But you can see this is a very long and winding road to figuring out which file(s) are more valuable and the quality of the data is very poor.

If there was individual file reporting .. is there? It would be better

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Is there any way to determine which files in that whtole 20gb torrent are most popular?

Not really.

First you need to realize that Torrents work with pieces not files.

Because pieces overlap files, deleting a file corrupts the overlapping piece at the start and at the end of that file. This means that the file before and after the one you deleted are now technically incomplete. Whenever you delete file(s) you not only need to 'skip' (r-click on a file in the Files tab and choose Don't Download) that file but also the file directly before and after it (sometimes even more then one file depending on the piece size versus the size of the files in question).

The availability/rarity of a piece is sort of visible in the Availability bar of the General Tab. And using 'First Piece' and '# Pieces' in the Files tab you could estimate which files are popular and not. But this isn't exact science (because it's visual).

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If you wanted to track file read usage on a system level, you try can FileMon . You'd have to filter out the results for the folder or files you want to track usage for. Then import the log file to Excel and add up Read requests (the byte Length of the request). This is, of course, assuming the most requested files for your test period will remain true.

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