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Seed same torrent from two sources - CD / DVD and hard disk drive ?


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post utorrent upload from 2 different drives same torrent

Is there a way to upload from two different drives, the DVD and hard drive, the

same torrent? Here's why ..

If I have a huge torrent file of 20gb .. why some ppl make them so big I don't

know but they do.. anyway.. in that case I might be low on disk space so I'll

offload some files to a DVD or CD. But I want to seed that torrent to others.

Since some of the files in that torrent are on the hard drive and some of them

are on the optical media I have to choose whether to seed from the optical

CD/DVD or from the hard drive. *

It would be ideal if there is a workaround so that utorrent could see two sources

of complete files to see from. Is there a way to do this?

Making a separate torrent would not be right. People would be expecting to get

the torrent they downloaded. If I upload a new torrent being a subset then it

creates fractured sets of data. This might be the only way to solve the 'problem'

if that's what it is.



If I am still downloading from the torrent and saving files then it's , of course, obvious

I'll be seeding from the hard drive.

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I think its time to get a bigger hard drive. 750GB has good price to storage ratio. :) Seeding from optical drive is probably not best idea. The life of the drive will be reduced because it will be constantly spinning to retrieve pieces of data from the media.

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I'm sorry but you're both wrong. I have the same DVD +-RW 4x that I did years ago, and I have seeded probably 4 months straight using it. MTBF on modern hardware lasts years without breaking.

Edit: For clarity as I was informed I lacked... certain nuance: Certainly the random nature of seeking of bittorrent on ANY media can be "bad" for the long term health of said media and hardware, it is recommended to use hardware and media which have a longer MTBF. Yes MTBF is "mean time between failure" and as such some last longer than others, I regularly seem to get from the "good" crop of all hardware I buy.

It is recommended with both the high MTBF and low $/GB to bittorrent using hard drives since they are rather cheap and easy to come by. However should you need to pump out data, optical media can work for you.

Edit: Also the larger cache on hard drives make torrenting on them a more appropriate choice than optical media.

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It's frustrating to ask one question and get an answer to a different question.

Let's say I have two hard drives. Or let's say I have two network locations.

Or I have a zip drive or I have 10 x 4 gb memory cards on usb readers.

I mean make up any scenario you want.

FYI - re: hard usage of media . I started using Drivespeed , I think it's by nero.. but if not then it's still called drivespeed. It will limit the top speed of your CD or DVD to something less than full speed. It really makes your drive super quiet and works great. I'm sure it will keep the drive from running itself to death too as it will leisurely go from location to location as it needs data rather than spinning so very fast that it sounds loud and runs the motor at 52x instead of 4x.

I'm really disappointed that your answers were to get more space. That' wasn't the question and you have to admit that someone asks a question for more than just one reason. I'm curious. Otherwise I'd just buy more HD space. Duh.

Anyway.. it's no big deal.

Relocate sounds like something worth looking at.

jewelisheaven answered it.. twice. Thanks. You're worth having around.

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> I might be low on disk space so I'll offload some files to a DVD or CD.

To me, this was the point of your post. If you have plenty of disk space, there would be no need to discuss seeding from optical media. If I knew this was a "what if" question, I would have framed my answer differently. Believe me, my goal is to help and not be insulted.

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