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Internet slows down a notch because of torrent...


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Okay I have set everything as it said on the guide from this website. Everything works perfectly fine.

I was wondering what part of uTorrent that clogs up the bandwidth of my internet? I'm guessing its the maxhalf open, if I increase it; would it mean that I can browse fast on my http internet connection too?

I need like the technical details and stuff so I can tweak a few things to be able to watch youtube videos and at the same time my torrents downloading to its maximum potential. My connection speed is 10mb/1mb

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Increasing the max half-open will likely decrease the connection speeds of other applications (like your web browser). Instead, try reducing your max half-open in uTorrent to something like 5.

Another thing to try is to download and install the 30-day trial version of cFosSpeed: http://www.cfos.de/speed/cfosspeed_e.htm (10 euros for lifetime license BTW).

cFosSpeed is a traffic shaping and prioritising service that you run on your machine - it will (by default) give priority to web browsing, VoIP, etc over torrent traffic i.e. the things you want to be responsive get priority over the things where responsiveness really doesn't matter. It also gives the absolute highest priority to TCP ACKs, which removes the problem that maxing out your upload speed can reduce your download speed. I still leave a small buffer, but I allow 28kB/s of my available 32kB/s upload to be use for torrents, whereas before cFosSpeed anything more than 16kB/s upload killed my downloads.

If you've got multiple machines on your network, you can still use it - either get multiple copies installed on each machine, and run in cooperative mode (more accurate), or have a single copy on the machine with uTorrent, and run in non-cooperative mode (this is what I do). I actually have a prioritising router as well, but find that things work best if I have cFosSpeed running on my server as well - it automatically throttles the torrents on my server, reducing the load on the router. cFosSpeed has the advantage that it knows what applications are running, whereas the router may need to do packet inspection to determine the traffic type - so reducing the total traffic reduces how much work the router has to do in high-throughput situations.

I'm in no way associated with cFos - just a very happy customer. I personally paid the 10 euros within 2 days of installing the trial.

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