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New to uTorrent & PC use (I'm a PC Newbe)


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I've had my LapTop 4 only 3 months now and every day is a learning experence. (ex who knew that having more than one AnitVirus progran installed was bad lol) I've Uninstalled n Reinstalled uTorrent 4 times and it just doesn't work 4 me. I can download the torrent thing into uTorrent but the files don't download. Quite often "Windows Task Manager" (which i just found yesterday lol) indicates that uTorrent flips from "Running" to "Not Responding" and just shows a white screen. I noticed some other ppl here in forum included a HUGE list of what i think is installed programs and settings but again i'm a NEWBE and have no idea how to do that. I see some other ppl have probem similer to mine but i'm not sure if there fix will work for me because of differences in PC's. If someone could hold my hand and walk me through the proper steps i need to take to fix my problem i would thank them deeply and include them in my nightly pray. If it helps i have HighSpeed InterNet with a "SMC Networks" modum but i'm sure it's not the problem as others can get results with uTorrent on my InterNet connection. I did a Upload and Download test and got good results 4.5Mbps/d and 0.9Mbps/u....please Please PLEASE help. Thank u n God Bless the CPU lol

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