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new pc wont forward ports


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vista 32 home premium

norton internet security

linksys wrt150n

not sure why it wont forward for this pc

have the settings correct in router

windows firewall is disabled

wonders if someone has any idea what to do 1st pc with vista and norton security and have not found a way to get connectable yet

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I have been there before this and is set up as it says to

the whole ip is fig that was a known

if that is not what you mean I have no clue as that is what ipcoinfig gives me and that is what is shown at portforward.com to use

this pc is 101 other is 102 etc etc etc

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on the static step at portfoward.com it searched for static ips after i entered info from my ipconfig and gave me a static range from --136 to 140 I used 137

entered all info as guide shows in network conection and in router still not working when I test in utorrent shrugs

haqsnt worked with this pc since I bought it even on the dlink router had same issue utorrent not connected I fig it was more a vista issue or norton than a router issue as my mirc ports forwarded just fine to 101 not sure why utorrent would not

either case I still ahve the nice big red ! on the bottom mayeb after I reboot it might help shrugs

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tried 180 now still doesnt work

cant seem to fig out what is wrong

and I have done the static ip thing but still do not knwo why I had to go out of range when mirc seems to foward ports fine guess its a utorrent thing shrugs its out of range now still has not solved problem

would be nice to be connectable agian

still trying to fig it out hopes someone can help

problem with the big red ! not fixed but sites showing I am connectable at start then stopped short time later then after nortons firewall is colosed they stay open but still cant get the listening to work on utorrent at least the check for it

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