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Part downloads don't work, period (v1.3)

Kazuaki Shimazaki

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Perhaps Related to the one below, but at least that guy only has problems with small downloads.

I'm downloading two torrents simultaneously. Because either one of them is a bit hefty on my hard disk, I'm downloading by parts and transferring any file that luckily finishes first off to a DVD, then deleting the file from the hard disk. BTW, I don't dare download one at a time, because 1) I will still have to download by parts, and 2) these are dying torrents and I'm worried that any delay may cause them to die off all together.

It worked well for the first file. Then I realized that some files, despite reporting 100%, don't show up. I'm not talking sub-piece level itty-bitty files, I'm talking files of 200MB size. The Partfile for some reason expands to 200MB+, but the file doesn't show. I deleted the part file, turned off the PartFile function, did a recheck, and muddled on.

The file completes again. I transfer it to DVD and open it. I realize it is corrupted. I told uTorrent to do the hash checks. Now it says it ain't done. I send the file back to my hard drive, do ANOTHER recheck (which confirms it is indeed undone) and tell them to get it done this time.

The file completes for a third time. Suspicious, I stop the torrent and do all the hash checks before the transfer (I usually take it as done on faith). The hash checks confirm it is indeed done. I move the file off. I do the hash checks again on the HDD to inform uTorrent the file is now gone. But uTorrent seems to think that there are a few pieces here and there of those files, though those files don't show up.

What is happening, since it usually works well...

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I've always faced a problem with downloading poart files off a torrent, when I turn off the part file feature I yet get a huge part file equl to what I have downlaoded and no rar files just that one part file. In other instances a few files appear and a few dont, but the part file is always there and its size is equal to the size of the files that arent appearing.

I selected a 50 mb rar file from a torrent and set itto high priority and then selected 5-6 more 50mb rars at normal and low priority. uTorrent shows the 50mb file is done 100% but when I goto the folder I see absolutely nothing, just that part file.

In certain cases when I complete a download, generally not downloading the sample etc, uTorrent says its done, but no when I try extracting I get errors. So I open up the torrent in some other client and hash check it, and the client says there are some parts missing from a few rars. uTorrent too says that when you do a force recheck, but then when you ask uTorrent to downlaod it again, it downloads, but then again it stays incomplete on stopping and doing a hash check again.

uTorrent certainly has some problem in downloading part files from a torrent.

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