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Search Torrent as You Type (like in iTunes)


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There is a Search in µTorrent to search external torrents. How about a feature to search for torrents in the µTorrent ListBox?

What I am trying to say is, in coder's POV:

private void txtFilter_TextChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)  {
foreach (cTorrent torrent in mTorrentList) {
if (torrent.ToString().ToLower().IndexOf(txtFilter.Text.ToLower()) != -1)




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Unless you have around 1000 torrents running, I'm really doubtful you'll actually lose track of what you have loaded ;]

Having said that, It could be implemented, If its fitting with the current way the listbox works and if its not too much work and\or causes other changes to the code (cascaded changes).

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Thanks kewldude607.

Suppose we have


The Pirate Bay









in the Search dropdown list, and when "Internal" is choosed, we can filter the torrents in the torrent list to easily locate the torrent, just like how we can filter songs in iTunes. If search_query is included in torrent.name or torrent.tracker_name or torrent.label Then show the torrent. :)

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...or alternatively, if you know the name of the torrent just sort the torrent name column alphabetically and scroll down to it. No development required. ;)

I think you have a point there. :)

Later on, I also thought it's not worth enough to implement.



P.S: I wouldn't mind if this thread goes to the Trash too.

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not every torrent starts the name with it's exact name, does it.

i've got a bunch of torrents...(over 400 in queue...it's too difficult for me to use either of the column to find any specific torrent.)

i still think this kind of function is required for people like me.


many torrents start with the names in ways the sharer they like..

some like to put their own serials numbers...some like to put the date they got the file...some like to use the date they seed it..

and if there are different things in front of the torrents' names....it'll be alot difficult to just find it through name column

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YES, I would really love to see a keyword filtering box -like the search- in µTorrent, to fuzzily filter ("*keyword*" assumed, ie. wildcards) the display in real time, on either torrent Names/Labels/Trackers (and whatever else), and hide those torrents that do not match. For this purpose there could be a seperate Category "Filtered" which would be automatically selected and used for displaying the filter results, whenever the contents of the filter edit box is modified. The "Filtered" cat. selected with no filter (empty filter editbox) would result in all torrents being displayed.

Suppose I'm looking for a torrent that has "foo" in the name, I can simply type in "foo" in the filter box and immediately be left with the torrent I'm looking for in my view (in the "Filtered" cat.), instead of having to peruse dozens of torrents in one of the categories or labels. (I generally keep around a 100 torrents in µTorrent, and even though I use Labels, it can get annoying to find that one torrent).


* if you have a lot of torrents added, then searching one out can be a pain, constantly having to sort by various columns, or switching categories -- this feature would let you narrow down your view to just the torrent(s) you're looking for with a few or even one keystroke(s). This is especially useful for those of us that like to use the keyboard and avoid scrolling/clicking whenever possible -- e.g. RSI/CTS, or prevention thereof would be a good reason, for one.


* none that I can think of..

Here's a photoshopped screenshot of how it might look (just the toolbar, not the category or the actual filtering)


An example of an application that employs this kind of real time list filtering is "Newsleecher". It uses a drop-down box so you can recall keywords previously used to filter, which would be even nicer.

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if there's gonna be a filtering/searching option it should be activated with ctrl+f

that thing makes uT look like a really cumbersome application

a dialog popping up, would not make this function as described and kinda defeat the purpose of real time filtering. the point is to quickly filter inline and realtime, not perform a search, even though the purpose of both would be the same, to find a specific torrent or group of torrents.

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Have you guys tried iTunes? Basically if it is working exactly like the instant-search function in iTunes, then all is good.

In iTunes, when you type a phrase, iTunes looks for that phrase in each song's title, album name, and artist name.

Likewise, in µTorrent, when you type a phrase, µTorrent can look for that phrase in each torrent's torrent name, tracker name and any other important attribute of the torrent.

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i dont really think that that is needed unless u have 1000 torrents as Firon has..

and even then,

1. u have labels to categorize them and find the torrents easier..

2. u've got column sorting and secondary sorting to help u..

3. u've got live search (typing first letter and highlighting)

all those things help enough..

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i'd love to have this feature. i generally have ~100 torrents going at once, and it can be rather hard to find things. torrents will never be named uniformly, and i dont want to go through the effort of adding labels. even if i did go through the effort of adding labels, it would have to be done very meticulously to achieve the kind of sorting a simple search could achieve. a quick as you type search of the torrent name, tracker, and file names would be best imo. labels too i guess...

i like the idea of adding "internal" to the drop down search box. or pop up control-f search would also be nice.

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