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RSS downloader's filter dislikes *H264*, *264*, *mkv and *.mkv


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Whenever i use one of these words in the filter the rss downloader won't find any results.

As example i take that:

<item><category>Anime</category><title>[SS]_Wagaya_no_Oinari-sama_-_03_[VORBIS-H264][C0571DA4].mkv</title><link><![CDATA[http://www.staticsubs.org/releases/torrent.php?id=792]]></link><description><![CDATA[Torrent: <a href="http://www.staticsubs.org/releases/torrent.php?id=792">http://www.staticsubs.org/releases/torrent.php?id=792</a><br />Size: 175.11MiB<br />Comment: #static-subs@irc.rizon.net Oinari Episode 03 H264]]></description><guid><![CDATA[http://tokyotosho.com/details.php?id=131025]]></guid><pubDate>Sat, 26 Apr 2008 03:56:58 GMT</pubDate></item>

<item><category>Anime</category><title>[SS]_Wagaya_no_Oinari-sama_-_03_[C79CDEB2].avi</title><link><![CDATA[http://www.staticsubs.org/releases/torrent.php?id=793]]></link><description><![CDATA[Torrent: <a href="http://www.staticsubs.org/releases/torrent.php?id=793">http://www.staticsubs.org/releases/torrent.php?id=793</a><br />Size: 175.02MiB<br />Comment: #static-subs@irc.rizon.net Oinari Episode 03 XVID]]></description><guid><![CDATA[http://tokyotosho.com/details.php?id=131024]]></guid><pubDate>Sat, 26 Apr 2008 03:55:40 GMT</pubDate></item>

I preffer H264 over XViD so i put at first in the filter something like this:


It hasn't shown any results, so i tried:


and it come up with no results again. Tired with it i tried:



and still no results. So i tried one more thing, i put in the filter field:


and in the exclude field:


and it worked.

Are there any solutions to make the filter find H264, 264, mkv, .mkv?

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Not the same feed.... but heh. uT doesn't handle resolutions in the title/filename well. It puts it as the episode number currently so smart episode filter is useless for these types of files.

Bloody >< I retract my statement... those entries are showing H264 in the Codec column in 1.8 which is odd since it doesn't show up in a string-dump. LOL

As far as the filter working... I got *Wagaya* working in 1.8. Same with *264*, and *mkv (but only with original name ticked). Please try in 1.8, which you can find @ http://utorrent.com/download.php You can use it self-contained to test by following http://utorrent.com/faq.php#How_can_I_share_my_torrents_between_user_profiles.3F :D

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