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Stalled download --- What can I do to speed it up ??


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I am waiting for a torrent file to download. Now it has 65 seeds, 170 sources, but there is absolutely NO download whatsoever ! And it has been like that for the PAST DAY !!!

Yes, I left my PC on the the whole day yesterday until today, over 36 hours, and this one file just stay there, with lots and lots of seeds and sources, without starting the download process.

The last time it has a download (60 KB) is 3 days ago !!

I do have other files which have been downloaded without any problem. I just do not understand what's going wrong with this one torrent --- "Adobe Photoshop CS3 Plugins Collection", 437.11MB.

Can anyone please tell me what should I do to get this file downloaded???

Thank you !

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