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uTorrent and Browser issues


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So, this is the deal...

Whenever uTorrent is on... my browsers won't work.

I can open the browser itself, but it won't load any pages :)

All other internet apps work fine (MSN, Games etc.)

This only happened after I formatted my HDD and reinstalled everything

PC info:

Vista x64 Ultimate

NOD32 anti virus

Firefox v2.0

Network connection set up to a specific IP adress

Port XXXXX is open and connectable on virtual server (UDP and TCP)

DHCP client set up to

I've tried everything (i hope not).

I've allowed uTorrent and Firefox onto the Windows Firewall.

I have also tried the "Reset button" on IE.

Also reinstalled Firefox

I think it's that famous "TCP Patch" problem.

I downloaded that patch and ran it as administrator. Rebooted, and still I have the problem.

I would love some help here guys :) Thanks

EDIT: And just to be clear. I'm not downloading anything, and my upload is at 50kbs (of 350)

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K then ;) Man I wish I could get fiber in my area. The closest news I get from their reps say "sometime around 2012"... I say, I'm bloody 40 mi. outside one of your 'top 50' metropolitan areas ><

If this TCP Patch as you call it changed your half-open in Windows that could be it. Ctrl-P -> Advanced -> net.max_halfopen What is it? If it's anything other than default (* will be there if this is the case), press RESET. Say OK, The problem may clear up. What connection settings are you using (Ctrl-G)? Have you tried turning off DHT? I'm just going down the list of ideas @ http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=15992

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@suzpaz lower that to 6 or 4 like mentioned in Ultima's troubleshooter :/ I don't have any other ideas if you're not hitting your upload cap.

StHuddle, don't hijack, there are other threads with this exact issue. uT connects to Windows' default browser. If this is not set you can set it yourself through Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs-> Set Programs Access and Defaults.

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