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Problems with Internet when downloading Torrents


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Hi all,

I've been having a problem for a while where if I download a torrent, regardless of what program I use, I can download it... but every 5 or so minutes, the whole internet connection in the house just.. dies.

It will automatically reconnect after 30 seconds to a minute, but as you can see, this doesn't really help when trying to download.

Can anyone please advise me on this?

If you require any further details, leave a post and I'll reply as soon as.


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Belkins suck, that's probably your problem right there. See if you can get new firmware from there site, it might help. If it still breaks down, the standard recommendations include reducing the global number of connections and the half-open limit. If you can find an option for an SPI firewall in the router, try disabling that after the firmware updata, I've heard of that working before, it may at least help.

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