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Not great speed


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Utorrent 1.8 beta (build 9704) (had same speed problem with 1.7.7 stable)

Vista 64bit Ultimate SP1

Cable Modem (ISP: Optimum Online)

Cable Speed: 15 Mbps Download / 2 Mbps Upload (http://optimum.com/online/why/faster.jsp)

D-Link Router (wireless Intel 4965N mode)

Vista Windows Firewall *enabled*

I've already selected xx/2Mbit from the speed guide option too and restarted.

Please explain how to get the most optimum speed setup. I have port forwarding enabled already and it shows green/ok on the test.

These are my settings

280075_1.gif 280076_2.gif 280077_3.gif 280078_4.gif 280079_5.gif

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What speeds are you getting? If OO doesn't like uploading anymore, likely those "sane" settings for a generally nice ISP don't work for you. How about try changing the Speed Guide (Ctrl-G) to xx/512 and then manually changing your uplimit, increasing by say 5% every 3-5 minutes until you stop seeing the upload be consistent... If they have put DPI (deep packet inspection) hardware into their network and are not getting the full benefit of the line you pay for, it's likely you may need to follow http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=15992 post #2 for decreasing the features you advertise to the web thereby maybe being able to keep the worst problems out.

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