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torrents that exceed target ratio but are poorly seeded


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I have a couple torrents that have ratios in excess of 10 yet have only one seed. Lots of downloads but no seeding. Watching the peers list when one of these was active I saw three leechers go to 100% but on my tracker the number of seeds still shows as one (me). uTorrent tells me avail = 1.0 and one seed also.

What I would like is for my own torrents to continue to seed or be in the seed queue while the ones that I have downloaded to stop at a reasonable ratio. Are there any limits on ratio to set for the Default - that way the 40 torrents I want to seed can stay in the queue and the older established ones can be manually limited through the override settings dialog on the properties for that torrent?

I just checked my upload speed again and it is hovering around 320 so I have set my upload slots to total of 3 with total set on automatic (it uses basically what I would have put anyway - something around 34kBp/s. Since my speed is between two on the speed guide, I basically took my numbers from Switek's table. With all 40 in the queue, they take turns nicely - not sure how this is accomplished but it is very automatic. The only ones I have stopped (showing finished) are those with over 5 seeds.

I would like to add an additonal slot but am afraid of dropping too slow. Right now I have one at 5.9 another at 4.0 and the third is being a hog at 20. Is there a way to balance this better?

Last question - does End Game play into uploads? The hog at 20 kB/s is at 94% - so I thought perhaps uTorrent is feeding that one faster.

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