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µTorrent 1.7.7 banned from Midnight Torrents?


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Hi all new here so hope I,m in the right place to ask this , well here goes

I have been useing utorrent for quiet some time now an am very pleased with it

currently useing 1.7.7 (build 8179) my question is when will the 1.8 full be available

the reason I ask is that this morning I recieved a message from Midnight Torrents

(a site Im a member of an use regularly) saying that utorrent 1.7.7 has been added to

thier list of banned clients due to the amount of bad data its reporting to the tracker.

I dont wish to change to a different client as I like this one but I cant go to 1.8 beta because they will only accept full versions an not beta ,I can however go back to 1.7.6

as this is still accepted but i just wanted to know when the new version will be available , Thnx peeps . Oh an Utorrent rules best client there is in my opinion tried

many others in the past most of which suck

ok thats it for now an thnx 4 taking time to read this

Troofer :)

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If this is a legitimate complaint take it up with their administration, or ask them to post on this forum...

From the site FAQ

May I use any bittorrent client?

The simple answer is no. Midnight-Torrents.com uses a White List system. This means we have to add clients to our list for you to use. We also reserve the right to ban any client as and when we see fit. We do this for a number of reasons.

Below is a list of clients which you can use here at Midnight-Torrents. If there is a client you'd like added to this list, please post here. We also remove old clients from our list as new versions of clients are proved stable. We do this to help agaist the ever growing number of spoof mods around.

Current clients 100% supported on Midnight-Torrents

• uTorrent 1.5

Current Clients accepted on Midnight-Torrents

• Azureus

• Azureus

• Bitcomet 0.62

• BitTornado T-0.3.7

• BitTornado T-0.3.14

• Abc 3.1

• Bitlord 1.1

• Bittorrent 4.2.1/2

• BitSpirit

• Rufus 0.6.9

• ABC3.0.1

• Torrent Flux 2.0

• rTorrent 0.4.5/0.8.5

Clients we have BANNED ie. don't request them!

• BitTorrent++,

• Nova Torrent,

• TorrentStorm.

• Bitlord.

• ABC-2.6.9. (Known Spoofed ID for cheat client)

These clients do not report correctly to the tracker when canceling/finishing a torrent session. or don't respect the private flag we use to stop our torrents being made avalible on the DHT network.

Please Note: If you request a client, understand we test all clients so allow time for us to work!

Recommending uT 1.5.... That's over 2 years old. If that's seriously their policy... head-meet-sand. There were no changes to stats reporting from 1.7.6.

One thing that came up recently was that a site banned users based upon the User-Agent in the announce URL http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=38895 . If this is the case, it's possible someone is masking the User-Agent.

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