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Couple of problems regarding ports/ firewall/ and downloading speed?


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Hi. :) I've been using uTorrent for awhile now. I've noticed that my downloading speed is always in the range of 14kb/s or lower. I've followed a few guides to increase my speed.

Here's my speed info


PORTFORWARDING - I've tried portwarding but after opening the port, i check, and it's still not open. I've checked my firewall settings and it has uTorrent as an exception. :/

CURRENT DOWNLOADING SPEED - Yesterday i followed this video http://youtube.com/watch?v=NVq2GkzNrY8 I was surprised to see that it actually worked because my speed increased to about 90kb/s and i was happy. but after that i went ahead to open the current port. that's when everything went downhill, literally. because right now my down speed is barely 1kb/s.

what am i doing wrong? How do i deal with my firewall settings and port forwarding?

Thank you for any info.

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The settings recommended by the video are total and utter crap. I was prepared to stop watching it as soon as it recommended a specific port number.

Stick to the official setup guide. And select xx/256k in the Speed Guide -- your connection most definitely can't handle 65KiB/s upload. As for the port issue... well, that's also handled in the setup guide (resolving NAT issues). If it doesn't help, we'll need more information (like what router, modem, and firewall you're using).

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Yes. I've opened the port through that website and going to my router's firewall settings. But when i check to see if it's open, it's still not open. That's what confuses me. I've followed the instructions carefully.

Checking port 45682 on

Error! Port 45682 does not appear to be open.


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