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Torrent stuck at 99.9 and looping hashfails


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I am on a torrent in which the last part refuses to complete. It is at 99.8 and continues to hashfail and restarts the last piece.

It's only a small file but this is a curious problem. Could this be malicious IP's at work?

The file is 76.4 MB but I got 16.7 MB hashfails and it just continues to rise when the seeder tries to seed it and same result for about 10 to 20 leechers all of whom are stuck at repeating loop at 99.8%.

It continues to hashfail and restarts the last piece. This is not a public tracker but there is no copyrighted content, only public radio stuff.

Do I need to l I post the address of the torrent or does someone recognize this type of problem?

This is not the first time , I have experienced this kind of problem. Usually I just take the file off as the file is very usable at that percentage, but I would like to understand this kind of problem.


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I believe there is an explanation for this on the forums somewhere. try searching for 'stuck 99%'. it's been forever since this has happened to me so I can't remember the exact causes of this problem, but either there isn't enough seeds left to finish the file, or it is some other type of error not having to do with your computer being at fault. usually I just try to re download it or just move on to another torrent of the same contents.

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I got PMed from members of my tracker telling me one of my own torrents was doing this so I did a force recheck of my files and discovered that windows media player altered one of the files, which, in this case was an m3u (playlist) file. What I did on my end was to remove the offending file and reup the .torrent file to my tracker. Also, I changed the attributes to read only on any extant m3u I have.

If you are on the receiving end of this sort of thing, and you can look to see what the name of the file is, you may see that it is something like what I just described - and if so, not an essential part of the whole, and you can tell uTorrent to skip that file (look at the Files tab, see the files and find the one that is a problem, highlight it, right click on it, and select Don't Download.

OTOH if it is essential to the whole, you may be stuck!

ETA: I came back to paste in this snippet from the Demonoid faq:


~ There may be an anti-leech protection in effect limiting transfers to you. Many clients does have this feature to ensure peers give back what they have taken to the swarm.

~ The final piece(s) may be something changeable. Check to see what is left on the download. If the file(s) in question are ". DS_Store," " Thumbs.db," or "desktop.ini," you may select these files and choose to omit them from the download. If the seeder's version of these files changed, then they will fail the hash check, preventing anyone from getting the original. Similarly, if on your side, these [hidden] files are "read only" and/or protected, your client will keep downloading and discarding that which cannot be replaced.

~ There may be a physical problem preventing you from completing the download. Try stopping the torrent, run scandisk, and restarting the torrent. This will fix any errors on your harddrive.

~ The more pieces you have, the harder it becomes to find people who have the pieces you need. That's why downloads sometimes slow down or even stop completely. Just be patient and you will get the remaining pieces

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There is one seeder who is known since it is a private tracker. There are 23 leechers all stuck , 17 currently active. That rules out anything specific to my hard drive. It is only this torrent so there is no problem with DMZ that seems relevant.

I previously searched on stuck at 99% and didn't see any exact previous problem listing or solution solving.

I didn't see any leecher with IP 38.1 , but is it possible ? that a malicious IP could have already added a bad piece?

I've taken it off. The MP3 file is playable, but the seeder has to and will cancel and reseed the torrent as it seems to be damaged and no one can get 100% and I am just trying to find out the cause since this has happened before. It's a private tracker so we have communication and discussion.

There are only 2 files: a text file and a MP3 file that are listed in the torrent.

So far it looks like the likely culprits might be :

WMP changing metadata

or hidden files added to the d/l liken .ini or .db.

or a malicious IP

but it is not confirmed.

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