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Downloads Sometimes stop near completion


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Hey this has happened b4 but this time im really irritated

I started downloading quadrophenia the who mnovie. it's 6.7 gb and downloaded to 92% with no problems. took like 3 days. then no more downloading just stays at 92 and continues to upload

availability 0.919 <---- does this mean that only 92% of the file is actually out there? cause that would be pretty stupid

peers 4(6) 5 in swarm seeds 0(0)

share ratio 0.041

i try clear peer list nothing \

i try reset bans nothing

changing bandwidth allocation does nothing

pause force start nothing

pause start nothing

restart program nothing

restart computer nothing

I'm just so irritated cause it took 3 or 4 days to get to 92% then stopped and its been about a week since

any help would be appreciated

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Yes it does. There are 0 seeds as you see. You have as much as everyone else does. You just have to sit and wait it out ;)

If you don't want it wasting a queue slot, Force Start it... though this means others will get upload from you without regard to your limits. A better idea IMO would be to PAUSE and check the availability regularly to see if anyone else pops on. Additionally you should check out where the torrent came from and see if you can get a seed.

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Hey thanx for the quick response....

the torrent was found on isohunt the url is http://isohunt.com/torrent_details/15426145/quadrophenia?tab=summary

all the trackers on that site say 0 seeds how do i go about finding seeds on my own?

I dont download alot so i can just keep it downloading rather than pausing and checking availability right?

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Indeed, it's an older torrent so leaving it running is just as good as my idea ;) The reason I PAUSE is because all that time running and not downloading docks your "avg download speed", and I like to keep things as accurate as I can.

Since everyone has 92%, it's possible the seed only connects during certain parts of the day... so I've a feeling you'll see the rest of it before the week is out.

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