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Cause found for utorrent crashing after 5-10 minutes (its Norman)


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Like a good amount of people both my PC's that have Utorrent suddently started crashing after 5-10 minutes,

now I figured this started happening on both PC's just after my norman anti virus had a program update.

Disabeling the on-access-scanner from Norman Virus Control dit NOT fix the problem, however completely uninstalling Norman Virus Control DIT fix the problem,

I searched the forum and I saw that almost all the people who posted they have a Utorrent crash with the error

"Utorrent has crashed. Unable to generate crash dump"

they ALL seem to have Norman Virus Controll installed if you check there Hijackthis log.

So I dont know why or how its crashing, but I do now its caused by the program update for Norman Virus control about 1-2 week's ago.

I hope the cause can be found and fixed soon, because running a pc with torrents without an anti virus is not realy recomended lol :)

I tryed versions 1.7.2 , versions 1.7.7 and BETA 1.8 of Utorrent they ALL crash when the latest norman virus control is installed, and they where all working for day's on end without problems with norman installed BEFORE the latest norman virus control program update.

Fix it please :)

Thank you,


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Im just saying that it started happening after obviously norman changed something,

However Norman is still functioning without problems,

its Utorrent that now wont work anymore,

and I saw atleast 7 other people on this forum with exactly the same problem,

so not the Utorrent team can look in to what Norman changed and maybey fix it.

Because its still Utorrent that is crashing now, not norman anti virus.

and im sure people will switch torrent client faster than they would switch anti virus, so its in Utorrent's developers interest to atleast look in to this.

(even if the norman people are the one's screwing up)

Thank you,


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