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Problem forwarding ports with Network Everywhere/Linksys NR041 router


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I'm getting the "No incoming Connections" triangle signal thingie, and i've figured out that the problem is most likely my router. Like I said, it's a Network Everywhere/Linksys NR041 router and I've following the instructions at this link: http://www.portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/NetworkEverywhere/NR041/Utorrent.htm

However, utorrent still says that there is a problem accessing the correct port, and the port checker confirmed that. Someone said in another post about a router also functioning as a firewall so it needed a separate exception? Idk, but my download and upload speeds are horrible compared to my regular downloads and I've set the upload speeds correctly and everything so i am out of ideas. Please Help!

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