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Problem connecting to other clients


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Okay, this one is definitely a bug. Because it is a bug that appears between two clients of different type I can't say though on which side that bug is present...

Situation: I am using "rtorrent/libtorrent 0.7.6" under Linux (the reported ID is "lt/0706"). Whenever this client gets in contact to clients based on "µTorrent 1.3.0" it keeps the connection for only a very short time. The peer is only visible as far as my rtorrent does not send out a request for data to the µtorrent client. If such a request is issued by rtorrent, the µtorrent client vanishes immediately out of my list of available clients. The result: no download of data from the µtorrent client. You can imagine that this suppresses any exchange of file-data.....

So, that is what I know at the moment. Older µTorrent clients are quite rare nowadays, so I do not know how older clients of µTorrent behave.

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