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Horrendous freezing/crashing/slow


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This happens to me every time I use either utorrent or bittorrent. I start to download my torrent. The speed is very low and my web browser will not load any pages, I also get disconnected from ventrilo. Before I reformatted my computer i could do both of these things and sitll download. Even if I'm ONLY downloading the torrent with no other programs up t goes very slow (around 2kbs). It cannot be becuase of my internet speed because I can usually get around 500kbs on direct downloads. Is there anything I can do to solve this problem?

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I use Utorrent version 1.7.5, i switched to MTNL NU plan a month back, for about a week now Utorrent stops downloading. It used to happen earlier as well,but since the past week or so it starts to download initially and then stops altogether, if i exit and restart it same thing happens downloads for a while & stops. I tried to port forward as per some instructions i came across in google, but the inst. were general & the options listed were'nt found in my Router web page. If someone has any suggestions that might help, please do let me know - a few details are given below...if it helps

I've got the green tick mark in Utorrent

Router UTstarcom UT-304R2

I've done the Utorrent set up - as per a post for optimal set up (excep port forward)

I've disabled windows firewall

The firewall in router is on

As per a post I created a static IP address

Pl. help

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What steps from http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=15992 have you gone through... common steps with intermittent unresponsive connections are in post #2. You should start by lowering your load as in bandwidth upload (so you're not hitting your cap), lower active connections, and turn off things like DHT UPnP and Peer Resolution to test.

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Hey jewelisheaven..appreciate the reply

i'd actually done the setting mentioned in another link:

( http://paperkingdoms.wordpress.com/2006/08/17/setting-up-utorrent-for-optimum-performance/)

I've gone through the link mentioned by u, still no luck. Just to reiterate the prob., i get good download speed...initially, after a while download stops completely..sometimes it starts again, it used to start again, but for bout a week now, it stops completely.

The upload speed is set at 15KBps

I do have McAfee firewall active (i've tried to disable it.... no difference problem remains)

If anyone knows a way around this pl. help... again appreciate your response

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If you think it's McAfee you need to uninstall to test. It still works when you disable parts of it. There's 10 or so services in addition to the running processes.

Well it certainly sounds like your hardware. While I would appreciate anyone putting all that text into a guide... that stopped when I saw Global max number of connections - This is a total of how many incoming/outgoing connections you can have.(750) ... Right above it he doesn't say his upload... so it's moot. Even moreso Number of upload slots per torrent – This is how many people can upload from you at once.(16) BWAHAHA, NO! Use the Speed Guide (Ctrl-G) drop down for you when you need to "reset" uT to safe values. This is based upon your speedtest, no math needed tohugh the values uT hardcodes are within the .75->.8 ratio.

To be fair I continued on and at least they didn't suggest changing halfopen... BUT with the max settings Max number of active downloads – I have this number between 1 and 4. If I want something quick, I set it to one. If I know that a torrent won't be pulled down by running other torrents or I don't need it right away, I will set it up to 4, but not higher.(1-4) 16 slots *4 torrents = 64 slots... You'd better have 1.5Mbit upload with that or the reason your download speed suffers is because noone wants to send BACK to you because you're not uploading. Sure you may see it on your side... but it's going too slow to be any use. To think about this another way, What is your upload? Divide that by 64. If it's < 1, you're in big trouble, 1) because TCP/IP (one of them) doesn't like that and 2) because it will take over an hour to get a 4 MiB piece at that rate. uT and the protocol goes under the assumption you can get something like 1 16KiB block in 5 minutes, which isn't a problem, however if you're continually uploading to others at a slow rate when your turn comes around again, you're less and less likely to get picked as a "preferential peer" due to your behaviour. This is verified if you see "K" or "S" in the Peers tab, Flags column.

Finally, this guide suffers from the same problem all "bad" guides do. As a best practice it recommends raising halfopen :(... this should only be done when you know what you're doing with an already working connection being mindful that you're not b0rking your router between you and your ISP, and without even mentioning that many ISPs these days use some sort of connections-per-second polling in their management applications/hardware. Sure the guide is old and I forgive that, but best practices should be the MINIMUM load you put on things IMO, not the max-you-can-get-away-with.

SO... to "fix".... reset all Ctrl-P -> Advanced values to DEFAULT (* means non-default) unless you know and read what they mean at least in the uT Manual ( http://download.utorrent.com/utorrent-help.zip is updated for 1.8, use http://download.utorrent.com/utorrent-1.7.7-help.zip for 1.7 ). Then reset Ctrl-G for your UPLOAD (the XX in the drop down is for download) on a speedtest... you should average several values together. Then see if you can keep uploading more (raise the upload limit) without choking http://distribution.openoffice.org/p2p/ downloading. I'd raise by 5% at a time, and test for 1-3 minutes. You can use the Speed tab and scale to 5 seconds, and then 30 to see how your upload does over the past hour. The upload should be "flat" aka horizontal roughly with few peaks above the line and no sudden dropoffs. Once you hit that point for upload you need to reduce the value by 1 or 2 and you're set. You'll know if you're impacting the download much sooner by the sudden drop due to hitting the linecap.

I hope that wasn't too long ;)

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That web link to:


I long ago said:

"This recommends FAR too many upload slots!"

Comment by Switeck — October 14, 2006 @ 2:24 pm

His reply:

"they are my personal settings for a 10mbit/sec line. i explained how to derive your own"

Comment by bardicknowledge — October 14, 2006 @ 2:52 pm

So assuming he had a 10mbit/sec UPLOAD connection...his settings are not terribly bad.

But barring people in Sweden, South Korea, and Japan...the average broadband user in the rest of the world probably doesn't have 1/10th that and should likewise be using settings about 1/10th that!

He really should've mentioned more strongly how fast his connection was. :lol:

I recommend THESE possible settings for various line speeds:


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jewelisheaven thanks a bunch man. It was like u mentioned the max number of connections, no. of peers, active downloads settings, I lowered the numbers to like 100,70, & 2 active downloads & it works fine, that is to say the speed increased quite a bit & the net connection does'nt break off as much now even if it does it starts by itself, unlike like before.

I'm yet to do the other steps u suggested, will try it as soon as i get some time & let u know. I'm on a net connection that offers unlimited free usage after 12am, so i need to try out the steps u mentioned after 12...had a slight doubt here, I'm on a 256Kbps connection & sometimed I download at 100+KBps in Utorrent, is the download stopping/breaking off in between coz of the high speed .... just had a doubt... i'll try out what u'd suggested & hopefully it'll be fixed. Thanks a lot for your help guys...cheers

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