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uTorrent Config Through MS ISA Server 2006 + Router


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Well I have to say that I have a pretty complex setup in my end. I use 4 ADSL lines with a load balancing router. One of the ADSL line has a static IP and the other three are dynamic. No particular protocol or traffic is binded to any of the ADSL line except POP3 for the static IP which needed to run the Mail Server which I have. Then from the load balancing router all combined 4 ADSL lines are directed to ISA Server machine. I run MS ISA Server 2006. Then from the ISA Server it goes to the Router from where is distributed to all network. I have uTorrent in one of the machine which is in the network. ( uTorrent client machine has MS Windows Server 2003 R2 )

I have configured a Port forwarding from my Load balancing Router to my ISA Server regarding uTorrent (Port 37524 UDP ). Because my LAN and WAN IPs are not in the same subnet range I cannot configure a straight port forwarding to the machine which has the uTorrent. I have configured the particular uTorrent port to forward all UDP protocols to the ISA Server Machine. And then In The ISA Server I have configured to allow TCP Inbound and UDP send and receive to the uTorrent machine IP. I created a new Access Rule in the configuration and Allowed all inbound traffic to be allowed to the uTorrent machine as well. ( Created a Server Publishing rule as well )

Still I see the warning message in uTorrent saying the required port is not forwarded properly. :( I have tried many setting in My Load balancing router and ISA Server as well. But the problem seems to be there always. Why? Is it because that I have different IP ranges for my LAN and WAN? Please help

Thank you in advance :)

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