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Sorted Column highlighting disable


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little thing I call memory. :P

No seriously, this is what I would prefer, but it might not be the best idea for everyone. I see no harm though it it's optional, as meilon suggested, and it's not on by default.

Edit: maybe just the column name should be in bold or something as an indication.

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Then how would you know what column was selected? :|

Well. One way of doing it is like a lot of other programs do it.. have an arrow marking column and sorting method


Edit. Sorry.. I am not awake it seems..

yeah, something like that :D If it is possible, maybe a little arrow with the direction of sorting would be cool, too :D

Did not read your post properly, but at least we agreed on a solution hehe

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also would it be possible to have "unsorted" status with "move up/down" working and without "finished/etc" torrents getting dumped to bottom of the list.

well dragndrop moving of torrents in list would be nice too :)

I dont think an entirely not sorted list will ever happen due to the way the listview control works. Its not really needed either, you can already sort chronologically and have secondary sorting, so you can have any way of sorting you can think of already.

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