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DHT, Local Peer Discovery, and Peer Exchange..Not allowed?

skip bayless

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You seem to be on ComCast Cable ISP, so you probably need to use either xx/384k or xx/768k in Speed Guide (CTRL+G).

If you're doing mostly private torrents, then you can disable DHT and Local Peer Discovery and possibly see a tiny speed increase on download/upload speeds.

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I have the same issue but it's with all new torrents not just ones from new sites

I can use putty for ssh but it refuses to connect and even allow seeding of old torrents when i try that but is there a way to fix that so I can go aroung this &%$& comcast block?

if so please give me specifics since I don't know what im doing

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donwolfani, the original poster failed to realize the torrents were private torrents.

He probably wasn't using a proxy.

He may have been on ComCast, but conditions have changed for the better for most with respect to if/how ComCast throttles/disrupts BitTorrent traffic.

I am on ComCast as well, and do not experience a BitTorrent block by them.

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I use to public networks

one if I use it to download a torrent file it will give me very slow speeds for downloading the actuall files (less than 15 kb) on the other hand if I get the torrent file from the other network it refuses to even download any of the actuall files and I have to come back to the first wifi hotspot just to get utorrent to even realize it can download

I checked the second network ip range and it is using comcast for it's internet service.

both networks are public libraries.

other than that Ii knbow not what info to give but I am being driven crazy trying to find anything to encrypt my network traffic or to do anything else that might cause torrenting to work correctly like it did for the first 3 days I had it

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I don't know what sort of blocking methods those access points are using, but they're probably to blame for your problems rather than ComCast.

Using a proxy for the tracker updates might help.

Teredo/IPv6 might even work for a very few incoming IPv6 connections on very busy torrents.

uTP might even help...

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Hello Switeck, I see you are online so i will ask directly...

For the first line today on a utorrent I see a notice "peer exchage not allowed"

I read this thread and understand nothing..

This has never happened before, and on this thread it also worked perfeclty well yesterday, today I restart and.... more or less nothing....

There are three peers at 100% listed, but I can access none of them because: "peer exchage not allowed"

What do I now?

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If a torrent says in the tracker window/tab that "peer exchage not allowed", then it is a PRIVATE torrent that forces you to only get peer/seed ip lists from the tracker rather than via other peers/seeds using Peer exchange.

Make sure the tracker/s isn't down, because if it is...you're probably screwed out of ever completing such torrents.

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