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How to resetup downloads that were in progress


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Just had problem with PCGuard (part package with supplier) in end had to strip it out and replace with AVG (PCG failed to work).

When I reopened my utorrent I found a blank sheat, so reboot whole system in the end but still a blank sheat (no downloads).

They are there and though I list completed (just in case) I still have a few (big ones) that are part completed and have been running a fair old tme (1 is 24Gb).

Any idea how (if possible) to reset back the previous downloads (which I seeded - some 120Gb) or do I strip out and "maybe start again" (I say maybe becase it eats a lot of bandwidth to reload and reset up again).

So can it be done, in case I'm stripping out the completed to ghost holding (means I can replace them if reseeding is required), while I wait for possible replies.

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