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Sorry, Help with Upload Speed


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Hello all,

I'm new to torrents so please excuse my inexperience. I've tried everything... My download is great but the highest upload I've seen is 20 kB. Looks like people just give up and stop due to the speed. Just doesn't seem quite right and I want to do the right thing. I hope I have enough info below for any help and thanks a lot!

Oh, I haven't uploaded anything. I'm just making sure that I'm participating correctly!



- Network status is green

- Speed Guide Settings:up limit - 92, slots 6. connections - 100, global 600. max active torrents: 6. Max active downloads: 5

Had to set a static IP, configure the Linksys box and the port is now forwarded properly. Enabled encryption.

net.max_halfopen = 8

Windows XP SP2

No security at all.

Lynksys BefSR41 v2

Using Comcast cable

Download Test is around 8000Kb and upload is around 1000Kb

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ComCast Cable ISP has something called SpeedBoost that causes temporary speed tests to report much higher speeds than your line will sustain. You get a ~1 minute speed boost beyond normal max sometimes...and that throws speed tests WAY off.

Try xx/384k setting in Speed Guide (CTRL+G). I have ComCast as well, and that's my upload max.

I happen to have the same (old!) router as you, and it cannot handle more than about 100 connections at once. :(

So even after choosing xx/384k in Speed Guide, you'll need to reduce per-torrent and global connection max.

ComCast also disrupts BitTorrent traffic, typically by dropping ip links seconds after they're made. For me, many/most connections die even while transferring in 30-38 seconds.

With your line as slow as it probably is, you cannot effectively upload to more than about 10 people at once. (that's what upload slots represent -- different people) Whether you run 2 torrents at once with 5 upload slots or 4 torrents at once with 3 upload slots is up to you. :)

You might get better results if/while running 1 torrent by setting upload slots to 4-6 and allowing additional upload slots if upload too slow.

Lastly, give uTorrent v1.8 beta a try. It may run a little better. :)

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