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Help newbie with yellow flag


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Hi guys,

I'm new at all this computer stuff and hope any of you can bear with me and give me some advice.....

I always get a yellow flag and was wondering if it has anything to do with my not being able to get a port open.....not that i really understand it all hahhah. Everytime i test if port is forwarded properly, the result is "port does not appear to be open"

I've been to the port forward site and read the user guide but being pretty much IT illiterate, i still dont get it. Yes, i did say pls bear with me.

My download speed is an average pathetic 6kbps and the highest its ever reached is 20, which is like only twice since i started using this thing 2 days ago. I dont think i have a router cause i connect to the net through a wireless service provider thats supposed to give speed of 54Mbps. Oh yeah, i'm using norton antivirus and i've changed the personal firewall program control setting to 'Allow' access for utorrent. pls pls pls help me....

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Your wireless ISP may throttle BitTorrent traffic to far less than the max wireless speeds possible.

The wireless "network" may also be a shared resource, where not everyone can send/receive at 54 megabits/second at once.

The wireless setup used probably has a router on the other end which you do NOT have permission to port forward. If enabling UPnP in uTorrent doesn't work, then you're probably just stuck 100% firewalled 100% of the time.

Norton may be blocking uTorrent even with your current settings. You may want to test using Windows firewall instead and completely uninstalling Norton.

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