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strange speed drop!!!!!


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hi all.havent been on here in a while.cause i havent had any problems until now

im with bt who we all know by now throttle/cripple/mostly block BitTorrent traffic.

my download speed at peak hits about 300kB/s

at this current time of writing this i am downloading at 100kB/s whereas it should be


this happend a couple of days ago.tried many different torrents.same result

dont want to phone bt just yet(hopefully never again..lol)

please help guys

edit:now this is weird currently downloading at just over 200kB/s

but the red icon is showing at the bottom.

this happens every now and then when restart utorrent

my ports are fowarded

edit:now i am downloadin at full speed with red icon on......??????????????

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The red icon may appear because you've overloaded your connection slightly with too many connections or half open connections.

You may also be throttled at certain times-of-day. In the middle of the night and early morning you may be able to get higher speeds than at other times. Afternoons to evening/night from about 4 PM to midnight is likely the slowest. Your ISP may simply be too overloaded with everyone's traffic to reach your normal max speeds during peak hours.

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yes ur right about the throttled times.i never download within those times.but sometimes the icon is red or green whenever i do a restart

i havent changed any settings and i know my ports are opened.i just find it strange that its been fine for so long.

edit:im currentley downloading at max speed with the red icon on

is this right?????

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