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Pause torrent downloads when switching windows users


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I often leave torrents downloading on my account all day. If one of my housemates logs into their account for 10 minutes, they experience slow internet because of the torrents traffic from my account.

My housemates obviously can't log into my account to stop the torrents.

One way we can work around this is by creating a shared account which we all have access to so that we can all log in and pause torrents if we want an interactive internet session.

A better way would be to have a feature in micro torrent which would detect a fast user switch in windows. I could set the torrents to pause if a user session started (other than my own) and the torrents should resume when the other user hits Ctrl-L to return to the user selection screen.

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Or, cap ut so it doesn't hog all the available bandwidth?

That's exactly what I do here, in a similar situation. During weekdays I'm out of home because I stay at an appartment near to my college, so the computer in my home is used only by my parents. So every week, before I leave home, I cap uTorrent up speeds so my parents can use the internet decently.

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Hi, thanks for your comments.

I wouldn't want the feature to actually listen for WindowsKey + L events. Instead, I would expect Windows to provide an "interactive user has been switched" event.

This page seems to describe how to register for these events (I'm not a C# programmer! :)


Looks like you can even receive events for remote logins as well as console (local) logins.

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