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All my torrents wiped off!! from µTorrent's lists


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Hi everyone,

I am devastated(sort of...) cause all the 100s of my torrent's list on µTorrent's

internal list are gone! I dont know what caused it. although I am not sure but my mom turned off the computer while µTorrent was active(don't ask why :().

I really want all that to return as it was really important for me. As I am not sure where I placed all those files on my MASSIVE HDD. it was like my central access to all things I d/led off µTorrent. please help me.

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OK well if you left uT up and running for a while after finding this out it's likely you have no valid backup. If you check out my tips on backups it should give you a similar scenario and things to try to restore it... also a procedure if you FIND where all that stuff is stored. NOTE: your http://utorrent.com/faq.php#Where_are_the_settings_and_.torrent_files_stored.3F is default unless you remember changing it.

If you have questions please write back and see if you can ask them as clear as possible :D

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thanks!! jewelisheaven! for replying.

here's the files in the appdata folder of µTorrent. I have good feeling about this!


tell me what to do now. rename the .old file?

it seems the files I will be needing are the one's at top gone BAD! and new olds are the one caused from the when I started it!!

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Hmmmm, well Have you gotten Ultima's BFE? http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=31306

It looks like resume.dat.old.1.bad and resume.dat.2.bad are the same file.

THOSE are the ones you want to look at. Try to open them in the BFE. What happens. If you see an error in the log tab... check out http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=322452#p322452

You'll need to get yourself a hex editor. It's likely the last bit of the file is truncated or bad. Then go to the BOTTOM of the file and follow the part I'm talking about with Search (Ascii) (UPWARDS)... This is for Hex Workshop (Ctrl-F) -> Text String "8:webseedslee" if after that you see NULL aka "00" on the left size that's where you've got a problem and you need to delete ALL the NULL after that. This is because currently that's the last key in EACH torrent's section of the resume.dat.

Afterwards add (Edit->Insert) 1 byte, hex 65 (the letter "e") and save it as resume.dat

Then try loading it into BFE. If you're successful, package up these bad files (resume*.old.bad and resume*.dat.bad) into an archive with today's date if you want.. then remove the blank (1KB) resume.dat.old.

When you start up uT you'll have everything up again.

If you want to prepare yourself for later, please use BFE to browse through the various parts of the resume. If you have other questions feel free to post pictures as well as I don't have alot of experience with many other hex editors.

Edit: For search, this is the guide how to use Hex Workshop to restore resume.dat corruption.

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Well I figured out that the files I need are

resume.dat.3.bad & resume.dat.old.2.bad

since both are same size and were last

edited the same time PC was shutdown.

but when I tried what you said with Hex

workshop nothing was found.



I tried it from BFE also but got error in logs.

So as a last resort I have uploaded the sinister files on RapidShare.

here's the link:


resume.dat.3.bad & resume.dat.old.2.bad are the included files.

Please if you have spare time take a look at them

so that you can tell me whats wrong...and I will act on it or you can modify it.

thanks in advance and take your time. :)

If you have read please reply sonce its well around 3 AM from where I am or my PC will have one more sudden shutdown(mom) :D.

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Sorry about that. These are truncated.. if you wanted to zip up or email me the larger sizes I will definitely look and see what I can do with it. These files are OK, except... it's truncated in the middle of "scary movie"... presumably meaning everything alphabetically afterwards is missing. Currently the file has 89 torrents. Does that sound right?

Do the times on the .BAD files seem to correspond to any specific things happening to your computer that you know of. If they're bad after each shutdown, it sounds like you need to think of a way to backup your uT.

Do you notice things missing after each restart?

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Well I have a TOTAL of 239 torrents in here but most of them must be old and that 89 sounds likely but as you have said I have included the older BAD files. here>>>


It includes all BAD resume.dats including the big ones. Is that 89 resume.dat accepted by utorrent? thanks man!!

well I've told my mom to shut off PC in morning if I dont wake up on time. so thats probably the cause of that. no I havent noticed anything missing after restart.

Okay take your time and thanks for the effort. I will check back within 12 hours(really early morning nw).

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You can poke at them some knowing this. To get resume.dat.3.bad to work:

Go to the end, highlight "5" aka 0x35. Delete it. Then Ctrl-Ins 2-bytes Hex 65. Save. Don't Backup. Remove any other resume.dat and resume.dat.old. Rename resume.dat.3.bad to resume.dat. Open resume.dat in Ultima's BFE. Delete .FILEGUARD at the top of the file. Re-save. Start up uT. :/ Sorry I don't know what's up with the larger files dat.2.bad, dat.4.bad, dat.old.1.bad :( Comparing them byte for byte to the working one doesn't show anything to me, And it seems like they'd only have ~50 more torrents but something seems up.

I have a theory: Would your mother turn off the computer with the power switch instead of using Windows-> Shutdown? Perhaps you could check on that, and if possible, create a shortcut or batch file shutdown -s -f -t 20 -c "Shutting Down, 20 Seconds..."

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Thanks man! you are great!

It works fine now! :D All of my torrents are there I think.

one thing, I forgot to delete the fileguard via BFE but it still worked. I deleted it now though.

Larger files dont matter now I deleted them. thanks for all the time you gave me and your efforts. I really appreciate it.

And yeah I have a 'superfast shut down' on Desktop but I keep all things off exept CPU. the thing is that it auto-shutsdown at 7:55 in morning. but my mom turned it off at 7:43 am it seems. I have to shutdown before 8:00 am to (12-8 am free usage!) avoid usage(mb).

I have told her to just unplug the modem from now on. THANKS A LOT! :) :) :)

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