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uTorrent WebUI for Mobiles (Beta)


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Now it is possible to control uTorrent from your mobile phone.

This is designed to be light for mobile phone browsing, it should work from any phone (although I haven't tested it). It shows torrents, torrent files, torrent controls (Start, Stop, Remove etc) and Add torrent to upload torrent from your phone.

Here is a simple screenshot to get a fell for it.


Please post questions in here for future assistance.

To start using uTorrent on your phone go to http://mobile.morrent.com/ from you phone.


More info at http://mobile.morrent.com/w/

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So... you want people to enter the username and password for their client into your program?

Do you have a downloadable version so that we can host this ourselves and not get our username/password stolen?

EDIT: Ahh I just realized it's part of an indexing site. I still don't trust it.

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As I said before in the mUI topic its a matter of trust.

It is a sure thing he'll have access to the logins and passwords. After all the form uses the GET method which means that the login and password will show up in his server logs. And he could take a look at them if he wanted to.

The advice to everyone using these kind of services is to always use logins and passwords you use nowhere else and to not use it to view/download/etc private data.

When filling in login info on a server always assume the owner can get their hands on it. Its a matter of trust and danger.

How much trust do you have in the owner of the server (Kremeniza in this case)?

How much danger is there if your login data leaks out? For example:

If the password is only used for the webui the worst that could happen is Kremeniza or someone else with access to the logs/data starts deleting your torrents and it's data (using delete torrent + data). If you use this password on other places then they might be able to get access to those if the manage to find those places.

I'm not saying you shouldn't use this service or shouldn't trust Kremeniza (not saying you should either, it's up to you). Just want to give a neutral explanation of the effects and risks.

With mofle of the mUI there was not a single incident that had come to the attention of any of the people who posted in that forum and that was after it was widely used for many months. Sadly only time can tell if Kremeniza is reasonably trustworthy and we will never know for sure unless he or someone else abuses some poor persons login and then it is brought under our attention.

Use at your own risk.

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