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Number of connections affecting dl speed??


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my system config is:

-uTorrent status: "Network OK"

-DSL, about 140 KB/s down; 40 KB/s up;

-Windows XP (SP2+latest updates), WRT54G router (v2.2) with Firmware Version: HyperWRT 2.1b1;

-Software Firewall: McAfee Personal Firewall;

-NOT FIREWALLED (port-forwarding is correctly setup)

-malicious traffic shaping??? i dunno, i use SBC Yahoo! DSL

what would be the optimal up/down settings for uTorrent? i mean max connections, connections per torrent, upload slots? right now uTorrent is using the default settings and my download speeds went down from about 110 KB/s (on my previous BT client) to about 60 KB/s (on average, it wavers from 30KB/s to 70KB/s);

thanx in advance ;)

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2.1b1 tofu11 I hope? :P

And uh, did you cap your upload speed? If you upload at about 40 KB/s in reality, you should use ~32 as your upload cap.

At those speeds, the defaults are probably best. Could try raising upload slots to 4 and connections/torrent to 60 though.

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hmm, not sure about the tofu11 thing. how would i check that?

also, right now i'm connected to about 140 seeders and 120 peers, with the average dl speed of 80 KB/s... wouldnt my speed drop if i limit it to 60 connections?

oh, and my upload speed is capped at 32 KB/s (with 4 upload slots). lol i forgot to mention that :)

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Whoa, you're using that many connections?!

Damn man, I've got 5000/470 and I use 75 only. :P

That many connections is likely to slow things down with your upload speed. Too many connections = even more BT/TCP overhead (both download and upload) = slower speeds. More connections != better/faster

The router page should say the firmware at the top right.

Mine says: Firmware Version : v4.20.9 - HyperWRT 2.1b1+tofu9 (cause I haven't upgraded)

Also, read this.


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