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I'm trying to replace incomplete file by complete one to seed


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I downloaded a torrent but it won't go at 100%

some of the files are incomplete,

but there are other ways of getting the file

so i fetched a complete file, and now I want to revive the torrent by seeding those new complete files.

How do I do it?

I tried the following :

-close µtorrent

-replace the incomplete file by the new one

-open µtorrent

-force check on the torrent

-start download

the file will still be considered as incomplete

what to do?


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I checked the crc with a complete file downloaded with the torrent

I matched with official crc

anyway I may have badly explained my problem

I took a video for you to see what EXACTLY happen

they are some strange things... for exemple the incomplete file is ~95% done, when I replace by a the complete one, there is a download time, then the file's at ~97%

... see the video for details

here : http://www.divshare.com/download/4419873-103

(don't mind my crc tests)

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You must have all files in the torrent for it to be 100% if there are multiple files and you don't have them all then yes. However, if you have them all and the beginning and or end pieces still do not match it's possible some media player / indexer altered those parts for TAGS or INDEX purposes. In that case you will not match the 100% of the single file unless you remove this extra data.

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