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How do i fix my BitTorrent?

I used to use BitTorrent, but had to reinstall after a recent reformatting of my hard drive. Currently I have a number of torrents i want to download (all of wich are listed on sites as highly seeded). I can open them just fine, however shortly there after they icon goes red, no seeds or leaches is ever listed, and the program seems to lag. I also tried a number of other torrents (just randomly choses as test subjects) and this problem happends no matter what i try to i try to DL.

I have disabled my firewall (iolo personal firewall from system mechanic pro 8), the windows firewall (i use xp) and my anti-virus (again iolo) just to error on the side of caution. However it sill does not seem to solve the problem.

The port checker reports that the port is open and working fine.

I am not at a University or useing an ISP that blocks torrents

Both Utorrent and Bit Torrent have the same problem.

The closest issue i can come up with is that when you first open it says at the bottom "DHT waiting to log in" then after soem time says says "DHT: 0 (Login)"

After reading the forums this seems to be a common problem.

I have been to Portfroward.com but it was of no help because my modem is not listed (Moterola SB5120).

Please help

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DHT uses UDP. Peer connections use TCP. Both are on the same port. If you forwarded the port, you're fine. If you have to specify TCP/UDP in the port rule, make the other one.

If you haven't yet go through http://utorrent.com/setup_guide.php Then check and make sure your Ctrl-G settings are for your connection. You should not UPLOAD above 80% of your maximum in general use. Did you check a working swarm like http://slackware.com/torrents/ to be sure it's not something specific to the tracker/swarm(s) you already checked.

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I've heard iolo has minor to major problems with uTorrent.

Have you tried uTorrent with all of iolo uninstalled?

(You'll probably want Windows firewall enabled if you don't have a router!)

Motorola SurfBoard modems have been anywhere between mediocre to pure awful to use with uTorrent. At worst, they simply lock up with high connection counts or high upload speed. Often, they become progressively slower when file-sharing is in use. Very conservative settings in uTorrent at least slows this problem.

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