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Help With Utorrent Connection

Black Rain

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Hey Everyone ^.^ ... Iam a big Utorrent User from the start of this program iam using it without having any problems but now when i downloaded the beta new version the network don't turn into green ... always the yellow icon .. sometime when i change the port its turn green but when i turn the utorrent off & turn it on again the same problem happen >.<

I uploaded some pics of my preference tell me if there is something worng:








Another thing .. my brother opened a port to me in the router & i use that port but the same problem happen to me no way to run xD ... i tried all the ways to make turn green .. my brother use it in his laptop & its turn green all the time O.O ... How is that ?? ... i tried to install the old version but still have the same problem too x.X

Plz if someone can help me i will be very happy .. Thanks in Advance ^.^

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You need to start up torrents for it to turn green. When you start up uT with nothing running it will be blank. Than it may be yellow, if you've got people you're connecting to. Have you tried http://slackware.com/torrents for a minute or two to see if they trigger incoming connections through the firewall?

ALSO are you running any software firewall/suite/av which may have firewall components built in?? This likely needs to be updated (read as: delete old rule and remake for the new 1.8 exe).

Your settings are messed up. What is your lines rated upload speed? xx/512 is default 3 total 2 download 4 slots. You are running 6,5,6... that would definitely lower your download speed since you're uploading so slowly to each peer. 47/(6*6) is > 1, however not by much, it should be closer to the default settings if you're trying to get it to work. If your brother forwarded 51xxx there's no need to have UPnP and NAT-PMP on. Turn them off.. they may be confusing the router.

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Yeah i start up a torrent & its really like you said turn to green but after a while its turn to Yellow again O.O ... I tired that website you gave me & download first torrent from it .. the downloading speed is very fast too ^.^ ... i only use Macfee Internet Security 8 .. i putted the port number in the allow list of the firewall & gave Utorrent Full Access ... I don't think Firewall is the problem its must be another thing

My setting are messed up i have a 1 MB Internet .. so i think these are the right setting for it ^.^ ... How can i turn off the UPNP I really don't know >.<

Everytime i change the port my icon turn to green but when i close Ut & open it again its stay Green for a while & turn yeallow again x.X ... I don't know i feel like iam crazy or something xD

"jewelisheaven" Thanks a lot for your Help =]

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Actually, McAfee does seem to have some quirks. If you CAN, try uninstalling JUST the firewall part. You'll likely need to reboot afterwards to get it to unhook from everything. If after that you have no problems... check to see on the site if they provide instructions on per-program rules to add to it. If not, there are several configuration sets @ http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=7862 and many people report little to no problems with Comodo and Outpost.

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I tried something better i added the port into McAfee Firewall & its working now Green all time ... But iam still testing this way i hope this time the icon don't turn to Yellow I really hate this Color now xD

jewelisheaven: Thanks for all the help you gave me i don't know how to thank you ^.^

Firon: Thanks for your Help too =]

Finally I can rest & study for my next exam o.O

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