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port forwarding questions


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hi all, have some port forwarding questions...before youse all shoot me down, yes i read the FAQ, yes i searched thru the forums and yes i tried portforward.com...

easiest way to explain my problem would be to go thru the portforward.com setup instructions.

setting up static ip for windows XP

1: open start menu and click run...no probs

2: cmd in open box...no probs

3: ipconfig/all-enter...no probs

4: write down information as asked to...no probs

5: open start menu, click control panel...no probs

6: double click network connections...no probs

7right click connectoin used for `net-select properties...no probs

my computer doesnt wanna know about step 8...?

straight to step 9...

9: click internet protocol then properties button...no probs

10:before you make any changes, write down the settings you see on this page...mine was blank:all fields were empty???

you should see a dot in the "obtain an ip address automatically" box. i did. if as above(no dot), its set up and youre done...obviously having a dot i wasnt done so i kept going...

click "use the following ip address" then enter information found as in step 4. there are 2 dns server fields, i only entered one (under preffered dns server) at the time...

supposed to click okay all the way out of there and youre done...

AFAIK i now have a static ip...i can access the net, etc so so far so good.

i then attempted to port forward for µtorrent using the instructions on the portforward site. when prompted to enter the port number, i entered 32459 as that is the noted listening port.

was prompted to set up a static ip addy, as i had already done it, i used the ip noted from above. this ip addy goes in the next box on the site page

was pompted to open IE and enter the router ip in the address bar...it went nowhere...tried doing the static ip again only to find all numbers were correct, tried to put the dns number in both preffered and alternative but they must be different, the puter said so...

printed out all the instructions and got nowhere with it!!!

i dont get real good speeds and i cop NAT error, have not seen network ok on status bar yet...can anyone help please???


oh yeah, merry christmas everyone!

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Read here and see if it helps. U gotta be able to access the router to forward ports...


Select DSL in the first drop down box. Then 502T in the 2nd box drop down box

Go to open ports.

Sometimes its good to check the router website for info, too. (accordig to the site, is the address of the router.)

If that dont work, go to start/run and type in cmd

then type ipconfig and see what the IP address is.

hopefully u see or one similar. That might be the IP to access the router.

This was at portforward.com, too: (this should be more clearer for what u need to do, hopefully) :)


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thanks for that mate. i got the d-link ip in google and the admin screen came up but the instructions on portforward dont match what im seeing on the screen...

from google i had a box prompting me for username and password, default ones (admin) worked. clicked OK.

got the d-link adsl router menu page in front of me, clicked advanced tab as instructed. was meant to lead me to the virtual servers page...didnt, in fact i cant find a virtual servres tab of any sort...

tried to access using instructions from the d-link site posted above me, the options are more confusing...stupm me anyway

what does all this mean?...( from dlink page)

-enter the rule name to identify the entry, eg. webserver

-enter the ip address of th ecomputer you want to run your application from (server)next to private ip address

-select protocol type

and it goes on...now im looking at it, could i just type anything in the first step? (rule name thingy)

my computers ip, how do i find it?

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im still trying here, cant get same screens as instructed by Dlink site or portforward. seems easy enuff on the instructions but i printed them out and tried to follow them but i get different things on my screen...i cant work this stuff out. anyone care to walk me thru it...?


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Wow...information overload!!! :P

OK, to find your IP:

Start ▶ Run...

cmd /k ipconfig/all

You should write down the number after "IP Address".

Enter the rule name to identify the entry, eg. webserve

This is just a name to identify the rule you've added (some people have multiple rules). Just name it something like BitTorrent or µTorrent so you know what it's for. :)

Enter the ip address of the computer you want to run your application from (server)next to private ip address

Type in the number you've seen from the command I gave you above and put it in here. At least, that's what I think this rule is. I'm not familiar with your router, so you'll have to check that out or perhaps someone will advise us what to do here. :|

Select protocol type

Select TCP and UDP. Some routers allow them both to be selected at once, others require you to create a new rule for each one...you should see which one it is once you add the rule. :/

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still got me stumped...on the dlink site the guide says click advanced then portforwarding from the left of screen. doing this brings up a message box: "you must enter an IP address on LAN clients page to enter this setup"

using the portforward guide aint helping as the instructions dont add up to what im seeing...clicking ADVANCED tab doesnt take me to a virtual servers page and there is no option for it on the left of screen as stated on the guide.....how do i do this???

thanks for your patience ppl...


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There were two set of instructions for opening ports at the D-Link site:

How to open ports, fw 1.x

How to open ports, fw 2.x <-----this set might apply to u..

This is what u might need to do:

Step 2. Add LAN Client (Workstation) into the router before you can open any ports.

Go to Advanced > LAN Clients. Type in the IP address of the Workstation (e.g. You can specify the name of this workstation under Host Name (optional). Click Add and then Apply.

(we gonna get u Nat Oked soon.... ) :)

Oh, does the setup look like this?:


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