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Utorrent is already running!! Urgent Help Please!


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Hi All,

I will try and include as much info as possible but if you need anything else, just ask.

I am using a Toshiba Satelite Pro, Vista Home Premium, Edimax wireless and zone alarm. Running at 6500 kb/s down on www.speedtest.net

When i bought this laptop and installed zone alarm everything was working fine and i was getting an overall download speed of about 800 kb/s across 3 torrents. All of a sudden everything has just gone pear shaped. Whenever i try to close down utorrent i cant re open it as it stated its already running so i have to re boot all the time. My download speed has crashed to 30 or 40 kb/s over 5 or 6 torrents. I am using 1.7.7 utorrent and my port is forwarding properly. I havent made any changed to my PC which could cause to stop working and i spoke to my ISP 2nd line support and they have advised they havent interfered with anything.

Can someone please help me as i am losing the will to live, I am handy on my laptop but only to a limit.

Thanks for reading and i look forward to any suggestions

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> Whenever i try to close down utorrent i cant re open it as it stated its already running

You'll get this error if utorrent.exe is still running.

Look in Task Manager and sort (descending) and you'll see utorrent.exe. Wait until utorrent.exe is gone before you start µTorrent again.

Your speed issues is not related to the "already running" message box. Transfer speeds via a wireless connection can be unpredictable since interference can occur at any time causing your speeds to slow down. An easy way to check your wireless connection is to see how many bars you receive and what speed you are connected to your access point at. If you connect to your access point with a low speed, you should speed low transfer rates.

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