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New Torrent Statistic: "Seeding Performance"


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I propose a new statistic for torrents - which is simply the UL:DL ratio divided by the duration since the torrent was completed (or added if you prefer). The purpose of this statistic is to allow the user to quickly identify which torrents are best "earning their keep" in terms of seeding, so the deadbeat torrents can be purged. This would be a big help to me (and others I bet), and I know it would be an easy thing to add to the UI.

Anyway, thanks for uTorrent - it's a very fine program :)

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> Seems rather useless.

I would use such a metric to figure out which torrent(s) to nuke when my seedbox needs more disk space.

> which is simply the UL:DL ratio divided by the duration

Seeding performance is only about amount uploaded. Currently, µTorrent will only count download if you receive data from a separate client peer (e.g. WAN, Local Peer, etc). If you already have downloaded data, DL:UL ratio will have extremely high numbers throwing off your calculations. For accurate seeding performance numbers, you would need to take the amount uploaded divided by time. Then you'd be able to build a seed performance ratio.


Torrent 1 uploaded 1GB in 1 day.

Torrent 2 uploaded 3GB in the same time frame.

Keep torrent 2 because it uploaded more in 1 day.

I can hear the slow uploaders whining even more on private trackers that high speeders are uploading too fast! :)

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I'm quite certain I'm not proposing a useless feature. I know for a fact that *I* could use it, and if I could use it, odds are someone else could too. Let me try again to explain myself.

There are three properties of a torrent that my proposed statistic is based on:

a) bytes uploaded

B) torrent size (not bytes downloaded actually)

c) elapsed time since the torrent was added

The "seeding performance" is calculated simply as: a / b / c

If I only look at the bytes uploaded (a), that doesn't take into account how much disk space the torrent uses, and how long it's been active. If I calculated (a / c) that's closer to what I need, but still doesn't take into account how much space the torrent uses. By calculating (a / b / c) I've got exactly what I need - a statistic that tells me the "seeding performance" of each torrent since it was added. When I need to get rid of some torrents to free up disk space, I would simply sort the completed torrents by this field. The torrents at the bottom (lowest value of the performance metric) are the worst performing torrents, which I should first remove.

For example, suppose I want to get rid of a torrent, which of the following should go?

Torrent A

a) uploaded: 10 GB

B) size: 5 GB

c) added: 20 days ago

Torrent B

a) uploaded: 40 GB

B) size: 20 GB

c) added: 40 days ago

Torrent A's "seeding performance" is 0.1, Torrent B's is 0.05. Even though Torrent B has more upload associated with it, the metric says that Torrent A is a better use of my disk space, so I'd remove Torrent B.

I hope I did a better job of explaining it this time around. If it still doesn't make sense please let me know and I'll try to clarify some more.

Thanks for listening :)

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I like the idea but I think a minimum time limit would need to be imposed, since more than likely c) would have to be Time Elapsed and therefore stored in seconds, perhaps a minimum of an hour.

I like the additional calculation but am not sure where it would go... The developers are not apt to add anything to the main UI (it made slight news when the Status was added to the General tab :D ), and they're only slightly more likely to add a column.

My vote is... it sounds useful, but it would have to wait for some drastic overhaul for the UI.

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> perhaps a minimum of an hour.

I don't think a minimum time is necessary, but it would be useful. If I sort on that column, a blank value would tell me not to nuke young torrents.

> B) torrent size (not bytes downloaded actually)

Torrent size less skipped files?

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