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why windows/utorrent never upload while downloading at high speeds???


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I have a gigabit server and it's running utorrent 1.8 beta with windows caches disabled... (not utorrents cache... note this has to be otherwise disk will overload while downloading) I can download at say 10MB/s (and my max download speed is around 40MB/s torrent wise) yet my upload speed is around 100KB/s... immadtly after the download completes the upload speed will jump to something like 10-20MB/s

and it's not a lack of peers or anything like that... I'm jumping on torrents immidatly as they are made via a custom program that monitors irc announces of new torrents... and many others soon join in (like were talking atleast 50 in few secconds, 10+ of which are other servers)

I notice linux boxes have no trouble doing 11/11MB/s in both dirrections (or higher if they are gigabit)

Also I have this problem on multiple windows servers .... so it's not the company/connection/box

someone said something to me about windows I/o driver not being asynchronous ... if thats the real problem is their any way to make it so?

anyways yeah windows blows!

too bad I'm not comfortable with linux

any comments welcome

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Additionally many people have reported 20+MBps so... it depends on your cache I'd imagine. How much are you buffering, and are you turning off the options which keep uT from making longer/larger writes to disk?

From your posts it's clear you have much experience with all these high performance systems. You'll need to tinker more to get them to work for you, and perhaps keep a default settings.dat to start from when working on a new system, to only fine tune it from there.

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well I'm not 100% sure on the full-duplex but I immagine it is... it's very expensive server... but like I said I've had this issues accross many servers so I immagine thats not the problem as atleast one of them would of been full duplex... but I'll make a ticket and ask anyways

I did tweak my cache... server is 2gb ram so I overrided and set cache to 1.5GB but did leave on reduce if not needed... as I find this gives better results for some reason.

Also the server is running raid 0 with 2 160gb disk drives so I have the read/write performance of 2 comps :P

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