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Slow or no downloads at all! router? ports? HELP!


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Hello Everyone from Argentina!

This is my first post in this forum, I am having quite a hard time with my download speed with uTorrent. Some details about my current configuration:

- Windows XP Professionals, SP2

- AMD 64 X2 dual core processor

- NOD32, as my Antivirus

- D-link, DIR-300 wireless router connected to a zyxel 600 p modem

- Nforce network adapter

- uTorrent 1.7.7

My supposed connection speed DLS is of 1Mb, of course that does not always happen.

Lately my download speeds just dropped down to 5Kbs, 3Kbs, or even no download at all, when usually the average speed ranged from 30kbs to 45kbs (not that fast though, but it is ok). Upload speeds remain a bit higher at around 8/10Kbs.

uTorrent shows a yellow icon of "No incoming connections" which turns to red of "Problems with listening port" or something like that. I cannot remember well, but I believe that it never showed a green icon.

I tried opening the port (62037 in my case) following the portforward.com directions, which apparantly works and my routers says that the router is open. Once again I run the test but is says that the port is closed.

I also tried downloading the suggested torrents from this forum to see if I get better dowload speed. It works better, just a bit 8/10 kbs dowload speeds.

I installed the dual core drivers from AMD as suggested, together with Dual Core Optimizer, but nothing happens.

Any idea? Please help! =)

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