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Put a downloaded torrent data back in circulation?


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I have downloaded some DVD ripps of some nice TV show series from The Pirate Bay. I have downloaded it, and after a good while of seeding it I have deleted the torrents of it from the uTorrent main download window. But I still have the data, of course. I can see from the comments at TPB that many users complain about no one seeding these rare TV shows. So I would like to step in and start seeding these again that I already have downloaded, for at least next 6 months or so so that anyone interested in it can download it.

So, how do I re-start (re-initiate) a seeding process of downloaded and re-located data whos torrent file have previously been deleted from uTorrent client and is no longer available for seeding to others? How do I make it available again?

Note that the downloaded data have been moved, re-located to a completely new disk drive. So it is no longer in my default "downloads" folder. And I do still have the torrent file for this data. But by double-clicking the torrent file itself would just add the torrent file in uTorrent and start downloading the data as a new copy in the "downloads" folder. But I already have that data. It's just that it is no longer in that same "downloads" folder. So is there any way to tell uTorrent that the data of this particular torrent is not in the "downloads" and specify where it is? Another solution for this would be to put the data back into the "downloads" folder, and voila! But that one is obvious of course, and I rather not do it that way.

Any tips, suggestions, please? Note that I don't wish to make a whole new upload of it to the torrent tracker. I just want to put this existing one back in circulation. I hope you understand. Thanks in advance!

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What is Migration guide? A built-in function of the uTorrent client?...

This is how things are set up.

The location of finished downloads is at:


The current and unfinished downloads are at:

C:\Downloads\!Unfinished downloads!

The location of torrent files for finished downloads is:

C:\Downloads\!Torrents!\Finished torrents

The location of torrent files for unfinished downloads is:

C:\Downloads\!Torrents!\Unfinished torrents

The old location of the TV show series was at the finished downloads folder.

Now it is at:

D:\Movies\TV Shows

I maybe should mention that I have set the uTorrent client not to show the dialog box when adding new torrent files for download, under Preferences, Downloads. But if I check this option, then when I re-add the torrent files for the TV show, the client should show up this dialog box as where I want to download it, and there I should be able to choose the new location, right? Then it would notice that there already is a data of this download in that directory? So it will check if it is correct and start seeding it instead? But is this the only way, really?

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Don't make it complicated! Create a new torrent. To do so click on the what I call magic wand with stars:lol: it's the third icon in from the left.

Dialog box opens. Asks where files are. Tell it.

Then go to tracker of choice. Follow directions therein to upload.

Easy as that, just don't move it again. Does not have to be in the download folder.

I have 39 right now running that are on an external drive. uTorrent runs on my boot drive.

Only problem I have had is m3u files so I don't suggest making those and delete any in any of the folders, but with tv shows, that should not exist - would not know, never downloaded one.

Good luck. Great help can be found here!

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http://utorrent.com/guides.php Migration guide should help :)

You should copy the data back to a hard drive as seeding from optical media is less reliable and adds wear. Other than that, Get the torrent, tell uT where to find the data, Press START to seed, it will check 0-100% then you're good to go :D

Thanks for helping others out. Bittorrent is about sharing.

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Folks, this is not hard.

> Note that the downloaded data have been moved, re-located to a completely new disk drive.

Personally, I would copy the video file back to your downloads directory.

Download the .torrent from TPB. This will force a recheck and then you will start seeding if indeed the files match.

There is also the right-click option of "Set Download Location" once you stop the torrent, but you risk corrupting your existing video file if the torrent does not match up exactly.

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