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Merry Christmas !!


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Altough you got me almost to feakout and unplug my network cable and stuff when I hear that little charol.

I knew I didnt have any web browser open or stuff like that so my first reaction was that something had got trough and I would have some virus/troijan telling me I'm f¤%ked. Anyway got a good laugh about it so happy Christmas =)

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I got nothin'! Not even when I went to "About"! Or are all of you Europeans for whom it's already the 25th?

I live in Canada and I got it too. I was away from the computer though, and the monitor was turned off, so all I know is that when I turned on the monitor there was this "merry xmas" dialog box. I'll try to turn back the clock 1 day, and see if I can trigger it again (I want to hear the song). Don't know why this happened on the 24th, shouldn't it be on the 25th?

[edit] I just saw the other thread about this, and here's how you can reproduce it:

Press and hold F12, Help -> About

There's a midi song playing (Jingle Bells), but the volume is very low (I turned up the midi volume to the max, and I could still hardly hear it).

[2nd edit] Ok now I turned up the midi volume AND the master volume, and it's pretty decent. I can see what the intention was. Pretty cool!

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