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Everything was fine, then poof....Please help me out!! :(


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Ok, so everything was fine for over a month. I downloaded UTorrent, did the port forwarding thing, had the green flag at the bottom. All was good and sweet. Then today, I come home and my computer isn't recognizing my router. So I reset the router (Linksys WRT54G v2) and had to setup the security password for it again, checked to make sure i still had a static IP ( which i did) and redid the port forward. I've checked it over and over again, and its correct. I'm downloading and uploading, but I have a yellow flag. When I click on the yellow flag, it says "No Incoming Connections". I'm downloading only one file at this time at 35-40kb/s ( from one seed and 35 peers)(if i'm reading that correctly) and uploading at about the same. When i check to see if my port is open, it says it is NOT open.

Sooo, I'm wondering:

1)why would i have to completely redo my entire router stuff (security, port forwarding, etc)

2)would I still be able to download and upload with a closed port??

3)I've read about firmware issues with linksys. trouble is, the instructions to fix the firmware was beyond my comprehension. would this help me? and if it will, is there anywhere that has better or more detailed instructions??

Any comments, suggestions would be helpful and much appreciated!!!



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1) are you sure it was your router which changed. Does your modem have firmware/router/login details which your ISP may change on you. What is your modem the ISP provides make and model?

2) sure, http://bt.degreez.net/firewalled.html explains why you shouldn't rely on the kindness of others to forward their ports so you can connect, but there are many people who are forced to bittorrent with closed ports.

3) there are detailed guides depending on which alternate firmware you're thinking. Tomato, DD-WRT and HyperWRT are the three most common.

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